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Taking care of your family and your future

Law Office of Brenda McCollum assists people with their estate planning. Our experience and expertise include wills, trusts and estate planning. Our goal is to encourage and assist Florida residents in and around Jacksonville, and throughout Florida, to get their plans in place.  We look forward to meeting with you and discovering your needs and meeting those needs through your estate plan.


We know that every family is different. Therefore, we offer personalized service in drafting a Will that represents your wishes and desires for your property and your family members when you are no longer here to care for them.  


There is a common misconception that everyone needs a living trust.  We will help you determine if a living trust is for you or if there are better, less expensive ways to accomplish your purposes.

Children's Trust

Children are one of the most important reasons for having a Will.  They cannot own property and they need someone to take care of them and their money.  We will help you set  up a trust for your children, in your Will, which names a Trustee to handle the funds you leave for their care.  Your Will should also name a guardian who will care for your children on a daily basis.

Pet Trust

Many people own pets and are very concerned about the future of their animals when they are no longer available to care for them.  Florida law allows you to set up a trust for your pets.  By doing so, you can determine who will take care of your pets and you can leave resources in trust to pay for their ongoing care.

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